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App of the Day: Cinime

App of the Day: Cinime
Phil Tottman


Games / Playstation / November 8th 2013 at 5:28PM

The app that entertains before and after a movie in the cinemas with an interactive quiz from PlayStation.

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Digital Cinema Media (DCM) and Yummi - an interactive technology company – will launch the Cinime app across more than 180 cinemas nationwide this month.

As part of the app’s experience, PlayStation has created an interactive on-screen quiz, putting cinemagoers film knowledge to the test at the beginning of the pre-show.

Cinime harnesses bespoke audio watermarking and image recognition technology to deliver brand and film-related content on smartphones.

It has been developed using Yummi’s technology platform Phonix, and watermarking from Intrasonics.

Yummi is the only system of its kind in the marketplace to offer full campaign management, combining a series of background detection technologies that sync and trigger content without the need for wi-fi or 3G.

PlayStation’s quiz will allow viewers to answer questions displayed on the big screen tailored to the film and the audience. Get more than two questions right and you could win PlayStation-sponsored prizes.

Lauren Bradley, senior product manager at PlayStation, said: “The Cinime app gives us a terrific opportunity to get in front of a very diverse audience and remind them of our credentials in this area bringing them all kinds of content including trailers and free downloads.”

Users can scan movie posters to get film content to integrate with Facebook and Twitter.

The app will be available this month in Cineworld, Odeon, Vue and independent cinema owners nationwide.