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Gofresh draws 2m social gamers

Gofresh draws 2m social gamers
Tim Green


Games / December 7th 2009 at 11:57AM

And 15 per cent of them have gone on to buy premium games.

The German mobile social network, which runs the itsmy.com service, launched into social gaming a year ago. Its catalogue currently comprises 20 mobile multiplayer browser games with new games published monthly.

These games are fully integrated within m.itsmy.com and other selected international communities and operator portals.

The statistics show the average game play is 35 minutes a day, split into 2.6 sessions a day. The games are free to discover and play, but additional features and special items are available in the store. There's no advertising or subscription.

Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO of Gofresh, said: “2010 will be the year of mobile social gaming. With growing feature- and smartphone usage and cheaper data flatrates, the number of people who play social games on their mobile phones will continue to grow very fast and better carrier payment solutions will make it easier to monetise mobile games.”