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VIDEO: Mobile companies do the Harlem Shake

VIDEO: Mobile companies do the Harlem Shake
Zen Terrelonge


Games / Angry Birds / February 22nd 2013 at 10:44AM

Somo and Rovio embrace the viral dance that's exploded across the internet.

Last year's Gangnam Style was a freak of nature, which made Korean rapper Psy a global star. It spawned a number of spoofs and, of course, one such imitation was displayed at the ME Awards.

Gangnam is fast becoming a myth, however, as American producer Baauer's Harlem Shake is the new video craze that people around the world are doing.

The 30-second clips usually see one solitary masked shuffler bopping to the song before the bass drops, which is when the video cuts to introduce a crowd of rowdy dancers thrusting around in garish costumes.

Now, the craze has penetrated the mobile industry, with mobile marketing specialist Somo and Angry Birds creator Rovio creating their own versions of the cult cavort. Somo did so to spice up an international conference call, while Rovio embraced the Shake to celebrate reaching one billion collective YouTube views.

Check out the videos below.