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Airplay SDK re-branded as Marmalade

Airplay SDK re-branded as Marmalade
Tim Green


Games / June 17th 2011 at 12:03PM

Ideaworks3D simplifies things with a new umbrella identity for cross-platform app development suite.

The UK firm has seen its Airplay range grow prodigiously over the last few years as developers have looked for a cost-efficient way to 'develop once, run anywhere' in a fragmented smartphone market.

As a result Airplay has become more complex and multi-faceted. Hence the move to one overarching new catch-all brand.

But this is more than just a name change, as IdeaWorks3D reveals new features to the Marmalade offer.

Also immediately available is Marmalade 5.0, the SDK that allows developers to write apps in standard C++ and deploy from this single code base as native applications to iOS, Android, WebOS and other platforms. 

The new version incorporates an Extensions Development Kit (EDK) for developers to access any native APIs they choose on iOS and Android, adding to features including multi-threading. 

Niall Murphy, CEO of Ideaworks3D, said: “With Marmalade, developers don’t have to choose between performance and portability. It’s hugely exciting to see the great games, augmented reality and other location-based apps being created with Marmalade and deployed simultaneously to iOS, Android and beyond.”

Marmalade has active partnerships with all major OEMs and platform providers.  A co-operation was announced with RIM in March 2011, with Playbook support in Marmalade to be released during the summer.