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Mobile apps: The future of TV

Mobile apps: The future of TV
Phil Tottman


Entertainment / TV / July 29th 2013 at 12:12PM

Half of TV's will be turned off by 2020.

The way people watch TV is changing as the mobile device becomes a more appealing form of viewing platform

TDG have forecast that by 2020, around half of all viewing will be outside of a TV and will be on an application dedicated to a specific video service.

The use of smartphones and tablets as a second screen will encourage the further development of app TV ecosystems which will teach millions to use an app store to search and locate content to be downloaded onto their devices.

Joel Espelien, senior analyst at TDG, said: "During the course of the next seven-years, the app ecosystem will extend to the ancillary devices that link television sets to the internet. We're not talking about a few apps on a smart TV, but full-fledged app stores like those offered by Google and Apple"

According to Espelien, this change will happen over a period of time due to the static state of the TV industry and the consumers apparent unwillingness to change their viewing habits. 

The viewing evolution will have a significant impact on the television industry, as producers will not only have to roll out high quality programmes, but will also have to create decent apps to go with its content - just one of the many challenges they will face during the major fragmentation of the industry.

Espelien continued: "The days of a standard TV user interface are over, and search will come to dominate TV discovery just as it dominates internet discovery today."


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