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Free Wi-Fi delights UK sports fans

Free Wi-Fi delights UK sports fans
Daniel Gumble


Entertainment / Sports / December 7th 2012 at 1:26PM

Sports fanatics now making use of free Internet connectivity at live events.

Sports fans across the UK are increasingly utilising free Wi-Fi connectivity when attending live sporting events, Easynet and iBahn has reported.

The study shows that 19 per cent of respondents check for Wi-Fi in a sports venue, of which 37 per cent would then use to go online. It also highlights a clear preference for free Wi-Fi, with just three per cent saying they would pay for Wi-Fi connectivity at a stadium or track.

However, while the majority of participants claimed that they would not pay for Wi-Fi to receive special content, 11 per cent of those who had visited a sports venue within the past two years said that they would pay for Wi-Fi to get live commentary. Furthermore, 12 per cent said they would be willing to pay to get real-time replays.

Elsewhere, 19 per cent agreed with the idea of being able to order and pay for half time refreshments on their mobile devices via Wi-Fi.

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