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Anyclip has 300 million users

Anyclip has 300 million users
Tim Green


Entertainment / Movies / December 12th 2011 at 4:27PM

Movie search tech expands thanks to deals with Dailymotion, Veoh, VideoSurf, and others.

AnyClip's tagging technology extracts and indexes over 5,000 individual pieces of metadata from full-length feature films. This means users can search for movie content via snippets of dialogue, actors, props and more.

Each film is tagged with more than 5,000 unique individual elements and added to AnyClip’s online library, which now includes access to over 12,000 films and over 50,000 live clips.

Partner sites get access to the entire library of films from AnyClip, which includes blockbusters from Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Vivendi Entertainment, First Look and Virgil Films.

Also, AnyClip is allowing their partners’ in-house editors and writers to use AnyClip’s CMS tools to create content exclusive to their sites.

The ultimate aim is to increase money making opportunities for studios by create apps and services that give users the opportunity to share movie clips with friends on social networks and purchase or rent films via iTunes, Amazon or Netflix.

Oren Nauman, CEO of AnyClip, said: “AnyClip is making full licensed film content available to anyone on the web, and also just added a monetisation layer to this experience. We’re confident in what the future holds for us and our partners.”