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The Pope delivers Easter Mass via Twitter

The Pope delivers Easter Mass via Twitter
Daniel Gumble


Entertainment / Fun Stuff / April 1st 2013 at 10:40AM

Condensed spiritual message see Catholicism embrace the 21st century.

The newly appointed Pope Francis further exemplified his intention to get hip with the kids by delivering his first Easter Mass on social network Twitter.

Literally hundreds logged in on Twitter to see exactly what Pope Francis would have to say in his first Easter Mass, especially when operating under the 140-character limit.

However, many fans were left slightly underwhelmed by his failure to utilise the full 140 characters, with many expecting his message to be spread over at least 280 characters.

His message simply read: “RT Happy Easter. #PopeFrancis #HappyEaster #Jesus #Catholics #Church #God #Chocolate #EasterEggs.”

Despite the dissatisfaction of certain members of the Catholic Church, there were some that saw this short and sweet approach as a welcome antidote to the oftentimes drawn out affair of Easter Mass.

Archbishop of Essex Marmaduke Clot commented: Everyone knows that mass is a pretty laborious affair, especially if, like me, you have to wear the funny outfit. This way, I can savour the Pope’s message from the comfort of my own deck chair.”

While this move from the Catholic Church marks something of a radical step towards the door of modernity, it is yet to be confirmed whether or not all future public appearances from the Pope will be conducted via social media.

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