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iOS and Android bigger than Nintendo and Sony?

iOS and Android bigger than Nintendo and Sony?
Tim Green


Devices / Sony / November 10th 2011 at 6:12PM

New Flurry data proves that revolutions don't take very long.

Mobile analytics firm Flurry says iOS and Android games now generate more revenue than all of Nintendo and Sony’s portable games combined.

Nintendo has been the undisputed leader of handheld since the first Gameboy in1989. Sony PSP provided stern competition in the noughties and the two shared a market worth nearly $4bn a year between them.

But with the advent of app stores and 59p games that come close to the console experience, that's all history.

Flurry says their combined revenue this year will be $1.4 billion while iOS and Android will gross $1.9 billion.

Look at the evidence of your eyes. Look at all the kids playing games on mobile and iPod rather than on DS. But don't stare – not on public transport.

Sony and Nintendo appear to be taking different approaches to the new order. Sony launched its Android based Xperia as a channel for PlayStation ports on the Google OS.

It hasn't been a great success, but it's still early days and it has pulled off a few nice exclusives.

Nintendo remains unbending in its refusal to port its iconic games franchises to any platforms other than its own.

Mario never took his tools to Dreamcast; and he doesn't look like he's going to iPhone either.