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T-Mobile ramps music discovery

T-Mobile ramps music discovery
Stuart O'Brien


Devices / Samsung / September 30th 2008 at 3:00PM

Shazam and Samsung partner to drive people to operator's music store.

T-Mobile customers using Samsung's Beatb and Beats handsets will be able to identify songs they hear through an embedded music discovery app from Shazam that will take them directly to the operator's Jukebox store to buy the track.

Shazam fully integrates with the music store to allow users to download tracks directly to their handset. T-Mobile is the first operator to offer this service from its own music store integrated onto Samsung’s new music phones.

Samsung says it's working to integrate Shazam’s music application into more of its handsets in other lifestyle categories.

Luke Magnuson, international music category manager at T-Mobile International, said: “Discovering new artists and tracks greatly enhances our customer’s overall music experience and is a key element to T-Mobile’s Mobile Jukebox service."