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Smartphone shipments up 36.2pc in Q1

Smartphone shipments up 36.2pc in Q1
Daniel Gumble


Devices / Samsung / April 26th 2013 at 10:34AM

Mobile phone sales down one per cent.

Global smartphone shipments have increased by 36.2 per cent to 209.5 million units in Q1, while mobile phone shipments fell by one per cent, according to Strategy Analytics.

The smartphone market’s growth was driven by the strong uptake for LTE handsets in North America and some of the world’s other developed regions, as well as the growing demand for 3G devices in emerging markets.

Korean manufacturer Samsung accounted for 33.1 per cent of the market, having shipped 69.4 million smartphones, while Apple followed in second place with 37.4 million units shipped and a market share of 17.9 per cent.

LG took third place with a share of 4.9 per cent and 10.3 million units, followed closely by Huawei in fourth, having shipped ten million units and taking a market share of 4.8 per cent.

Meanwhile, mobile phone shipments dropped by one per cent year-on-year from 378 million units to 373 million units.

Once again, Samsung claimed the lion’s share of the market with 28.6 per cent and 106.6 million units shipped. Nokia took second place, shipping 61.9 million units to take a 16.6 per cent share, while Apple shifted 37.4 million phones for ten per cent of the market.

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