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Samsung to make next Google Nexus phone?

Samsung to make next Google Nexus phone?
Tim Green


Devices / Samsung / June 28th 2011 at 12:57PM

First device based on Ice Cream Sandwich OS rumoured to be called the Prime.

A few weeks back rumours first broke around what was then called the Nexus 4G, but now The Boy Genius Report has updated the speculation, revealing the phone's codename, and reporting it will come with a OMAP4460 chipset and “Super AMOLED HD” display.

That branding suggests Samsung will be the manufacturer.

We have also confirmed that the processor in the upcoming device will be an, just as we originally reported. Hit the jump for more.

BGR also believes that, although Prime will be a non-operator branded reference build, Google could be working with various carriers and OEMs on exclusive Android 4.0 halo devices, and that they may all launch around the same time.