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Samsung HAS NOT paid Apple $1bn in coins

Samsung paid Apple in coins
Mike Shaw


Devices / Samsung / August 29th 2012 at 1:57PM

Internet rumour that Samsung bitch-slapped Apple by sending them 21 billion five cent coins is amazingly untrue.

The story goes… 

Yesterday, more than 30 trucks filled with five cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. 

Apple security were in the process of freaking out before Apple CEO Tim Cook was called by Samsung explaining that they will pay all of the $1.05 billion they owe Apple in coins, and this was the first instalment.

Apple was awarded more than $1bn in damages after a court ruled Samsung copied critical features of its iPhone and iPad. The Cupertino company is now looking to ban eight Samsung handsets.

But back to the coins... various legitimate sources have reported the story, saying that as the court did not specify a payment method, Samsung can pay Apple the enormous fine however they see fit, and it has chosen to be the biggest troll in the world.

Sadly, the story is not true at all. So, over the next few days when someone passes it off as fact, you can set them straight.

The story originated on Mexican satirical news site El Deforma (not 9gag as previously reported) so kudos to them for managing to con so many people.

Unfortunately, after the various appeals, if Samsung ever gets around to paying the full $1.05 billion fine it'll probably be through a boring wire transfer. Though the idea of sending an enormous greetings card rammed with thousands upon thousands of iTunes vouchers must be appealing to Samsung.

NOTE: We originally reported that 9gag was responsible for originating the story. Thanks to El Deforma for reaching out and highlighting the error.

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