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Samsung Galaxy S III mini launched tomorrow

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Mike Shaw


Devices / Samsung / October 10th 2012 at 4:40PM

Four-inch version of world-beating smartphone will appeal to European consumers who feel the original is too big.

A four-inch version of the Galaxy S III will be released tomorrow in Germany.

Some consumers have expressed an interest in the GS3, but been put off by its size, however this attempt to lure them in may fall flat if the rumours about the smaller device's mid-range specs are accurate.

JK Shin, head of Samsung Mobile Communications, didn't reveal many details about the device, although he said its creation was led by increasing demand for 4-inch devices in Europe.

"We'll be launching a 4-inch Galaxy S III on the 11th in Germany," Shin said. "There's a lot of demand for a 4-inch screen device in Europe. Some call it an entry-level device, but we call it 'mini.'"