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110m Bada app downloads to date

110m Bada app downloads to date
Tim Green


Devices / Samsung / November 3rd 2011 at 4:04PM

And Samsung has now sold 8.1m Bada-powered devices.

The new stats were released at the Bada Developer Day in London, which was held to put the spotlight on the new Wave III device and on the improvements introduced in the Bada 2.0 SDK.

It was a chance to put the spotlight on Samsung's own-brand smartphone OS – a platform designed to diversify Samsung away from its reliance on Google Android and Microsoft WinPho 7.

The firm disclosed that the first Bada app was downloaded in May 2010, and that since then 110m have been downloaded in all. The UK total is 5.3m.

Meanwhile, the running total of devices sold is 8.1m, and Samsung said that each device owner in the UK has downloaded 17 apps each.

There are currently 13,000 apps available in English, and apps are sold in 120 countries. The average price is £1.50.

Of course, given Samsung's increasing dominance in the Android space, one wonders where Bada fits in. The firm didn't really elaborate on this, although it's clear that, from a consumer point of view, the various Wave devices are a more affordable entree to the smartphone space than top end Galaxy handsets.

The firm quoted GFK numbers that revealed its market share of the entire mobile market in the UK was 32.6 per cent at week 40, and in the smartphone space it had risen from 8.8 per cent in January to a remarkable 25.2 per cent now.

However, next year Samsung expects its reliance on Android to be mitigated by its other OSs; it expects Android to account for 66 per cent of UK sales, with Bada and WinPho at 17 per cent each.

Inevitably, smartphones as a whole will maintain their rampage. Samsung said smartphones will represent 53 per cent of its sales in 2011 against 47 per cent for feature phones; in 2012 it will be 79 per cent v 21 per cent.

The rest of Bada Developer Day was devoted to outlining the upgrades to the OS, explaining that 2.0 includes in-app ad support, multi-tasking, Wi-Fi Direct, Near Field Communication (NFC), voice recognition, HTML5, improved Flash functions and support for the WAC 2.0 spec.

There were also reminders about the three developer contests giving away $3 million in total prize value.

One of these, the Power App Race, will award £100,000 each in cash to the first ten apps to hit 100,000 downloads.