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One in ten Brits will buy wearable tech this year: Here are the top ten devices

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Phil Tottman


Devices / February 21st 2014 at 12:01PM

Health and fitness tech will drive the growth in wearable technology’s popularity.

The wearable tech world is expanding at a rate of knots, and Brits are expected to be jumping on this bandwagon in the coming year, according to

In fact, one in ten have made plans to invest in their first wearable gadget in 2014, as people’s views on the technology has grown from gimmicky to a legitimate interest.

Health and fitness tools appear to be the driving force behind the desire to own a piece of gadgetry fashion, with 33 per cent of Brits saying that they would choose a device that helps them stay active.

16 per cent would prefer something that assists them in getting information whilst they are out and about, and 15 per cent want a gadget that pairs with their smartphone to display messages and emails, such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

These are the top ten gadgets that the survey – which quizzed 2,000 UK adults – found to be the most desired:

1. Google Glass
2. Kiwi Move
3. iWatch
4. Pebble Smartwatch
5. iFit Active Band
6. Sony Core
7. Lumo Lift
8. Sensoria Fitness Bra
9. Occulus Rift 
10. Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Less than eight per cent people were aware of wearable tech in 2009, but since gadgets such as Google Glass and the Galaxy Gear have hit the headlines, 30 per cent have bought into the idea.