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Windows Phone Apollo leaked?

Windows Phone Apollo leaked?
Zen Terrelonge


Devices / Nokia / February 3rd 2012 at 2:48PM

Next-gen version of the OS could feature NFC, pre-loaded Skype and support for porting Android/iOS apps.

Apollo is a future update for the Windows Phone OS and though it isn't expected to arrive until late 2012, PocketNow has revealed some of the features thanks to leaked info from senior VP and Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore.

The news, which was only intended for the eyes of Nokia execs, says Apollo will be developed with a focus towards Windows 8 to allow synchronisation between the platforms.

According to the report, Microsoft's $8.5 billion Skype takeover will finally be bring the VoIP client to the OS, ensuring "Skype calls behave almost identically to regular, non-VoIP telephony."

This will be welcome news to WinPho users, who have not had access to Skype even though the Microsoft/Skype deal closed in Q3.

Apollo is also expected to receive native code support to enable iOS and Android developers to adapt existing apps for Windows Phone. This follows RIM's move to allow Android app conversions to BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook OS 2.0.

Perhaps most interestingly of all is the adoption of NFC to provide Apollo devices with a "wallet experience" via the SIM card or direct phone hardware.

The tech is expected to "work across multiple platforms, allowing desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones to all share content."

However, while this could be the push the firm needs to drive sales of WinPho-powered Nokias, consumers will have to wait as Microsoft first rolls out the filler update Tango.