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Top ten most popular mobile stories of the week

Top ten most popular mobile stories of the week
Daniel Gumble


Devices / Nokia / November 16th 2012 at 12:24PM

Check out the week’s most popular stories on Mobile Entertainment, from November 9th-15th.

It’s Friday afternoon, which can only mean one thing here at ME HQ – a brand new top ten rundown of our most popular stories from the past seven days.

Making a pulsating resurgence to the top of the charts this week is a story from yesteryear regarding the personal hygiene issues of a certain Steve Jobs. Quite how this story was given its new lease of life, one can only imagine, but it's well worth a look in case you missed it the first time round.

Also hitting the headlines this week was news of a pair of Zimbabwean tribal chiefs seeking 2,000 cows in compensation from a mobile network, following the desecration of a sacred shrine, while news of RIM and Nokia falling behind Sony and HTC in the smartphone market also caught the industry’s attention.

Meanwhile, the Intel Developer Blog has managed to reach the top ten in its first week, along with reports of Simon Cowell finger-puppets One Direction being brought to life via augmented reality, no doubt adding greater dimension the quintet than has ever been evident in their earthly forms.

See below for the full rundown…

1. Steve Jobs used to smell

Steve Jobs' biographer Walter Isaacson was interviewed for a 60 Minutes TV documentary. It was another addition to the endless Jobs talk.

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2. Tribal chiefs seek 2,000 cows in compensation from mobile network

Mobile phone operator Econet Wireless has incurred the wrath of two tribal chiefs in Zimbabwe and is now facing a hefty compensation pay-out of 2,000 cows, following the desecration of a tribal shrine.

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3. RIM and Nokia fall behind Sony and HTC in smartphone market

As Samsung and Apple continue to exercise their stranglehold on the smartphone market, with both vendors accounting for almost 50 per cent of the market, Sony and HTC appear to have made the most significant inroads in Q3, having overtaken RIM and Nokia.

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4. VIDEO: Woman duped into buying an 'iPad' that's really a mirror

An American woman has been tricked in to paying £200 for a mirror after being convinced it was an iPad.

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5. EXCLUSIVE: The BoosterMedia guide to HTML5 mobile gaming

ME recently spoke to BoosterMedia CEO and founder Laurens Rutten to discuss white label mobile gaming, and the company has now provided us with an exclusive infographic detailing the world of HTML5 mobile gaming as part of an ongoing mini-series.

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6. Making fragmentation work for you

While device fragmentation is something of a divisive topic among developers, the Intel Developer Blog sees it as an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

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7. Angry Birds Star Wars tops App Store downloads chart in record time

Rovio and Lucasfilm’s Angry Birds Star Wars collaboration has broken all previous Rovio records on its route to the top of Apple’s App Store downloads chart, topping the rankings just two and a half hours after its launch last Thursday (November 8th).

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8. INTERVIEW: Harry Potter's Warwick Davis swaps movies for mobile apps

Warwick Davis has spent a solid part of his acting career in the guise of Professor Flitwick, charms teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – otherwise known as the part-time residence of Mr Harry Potter.

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9. VIDEO: One Direction Picture Book comes to life with augmented reality

AR specialist Zappar already gave the British boyband a digital overhaul for a Fabulous magazine cover, and now continues its work with the One Direction Picture Book.

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10. Free porn site BangYouLater gets optimised for iPad Mini

Apple released the iPad Mini three weeks ago, but it's not just developers with App Store-friendly content that have been working frantically to ready their products for the new screen size.

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