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Nokia to sell Lumia in China

Nokia to sell Lumia in China
Tim Green


Devices / Nokia / March 29th 2012 at 9:54AM

Set to launch Lumia 800C with China Telecom from April, 610 from second quarter.

This is a pretty big deal for Nokia, which needs to get a foothold in the world's biggest mobile market - and one which is rapidly turning towards smartphones.

Fact is, Android is already very popular in China, while the launch of iPhone caused riots. Meanwhile local OEMs like ZTE and Huawei also have serios designs on the market.

And just a few days ago app analytics firm Flurry said China leads the world for Android and iOS smartphone and tablet activations with 24 per cent of the market.

Nokia will be hoping the pull of Windows can help it grab consumer attention. It will sell the Lumia for 3,599 yuan, or about $570.