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Nokia to launch left-handed phone

Nokia to launch left-handed phone
Tim Green


Devices / Nokia / April 1st 2012 at 2:10PM

Pitching Windows-based Prila 1 at the ten per cent of the world who are evil.

Whether left-handed people deserve to be feared and loathed is best left to the religious lobby, but this won't worry Nokia.

Insiders at the Finnish device maker say the firm believes there's a gap in the market for a phone that slips more easily into the left hand, with its weirdly positioned thumb and strange digit configuration.

Nokia has also convinced Microsoft to create an adpated version of WinPho 7, which swipes to the left when it detects a finger from the left-hand in contact with the touchscreen.

And there will be new apps in Windows Marketplace too. Rovio has already committed Ambidextrous Birds, with the option of positioning the catapault on the right.

April Summers, EVP of monetisation solutions at the Left Handed Society, said: "It took us a long time to recover after Black & Decker withdrew the left-handed screwdriver, so this is great news.

"I appeal to all medieval religious fanatics not to picket Carphone Warehouse when they get some stock in."