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INTERVIEW: bemoko: "Moving to mobile web is like eating an elephant"

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Devices / Nokia / August 10th 2012 at 12:01PM

Mobile web specialist reveals the trials and tribulations of brands making the leap from desktop to mobile.

Basingstoke-based bemoko has offered a cross-platform web solution since 2007, enabling clients to convert their desktop offerings to mobile devices. Customers include Nokia, McDonald's and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Now, the firm is close to a major site redesign targeting clients in the retail, finance and charity sectors.

The expansion will see bemoko align with brands directly, rather than deal with the digital agencies that sit between them.

ME spoke to bemoko's Phillip Clement and Emily Nicholls to find out more.

What are the challenges you encounter in the web space?

For all its progress, mobile web still isn't mainstream. Even now, many companies are scratching their heads and wondering whether they should go mobile. On the other hand, some firms have made the shift completely, leading with mobile as a dominant product to put PC on the back burner.

Where does the reluctance to go mobile web come from?

Many organisations are just so huge and complex they, work on a marketing cycle of anything from two to five years. A website redesign can take two years to implement and affects every part of their business, so, rightly so they are thinking long and hard about how to tackle it.

How is demand right now?

In the 12 months up to Christmas last year, bemoko delivered 43 mobile web projects and this year will be double that. However, this year we've seen a big shift from marketing-led assignments to complex transactional sites such as share dealing and fast food ordering.

Which projects have delivered the best results?

We've been working with Macmillan for 18 months they estimate that mobile will account for 50 per cent of total traffic by the end of the year. That's rising from 30 per cent now, and up from nine per cent when we started working with them. That's pretty successful in our opinion.

How would you pitch the prospects of a mobile website, and why should a company choose bemoko?

We take a consultative approach to understand, educate, and support our clients. We look at their business objectives, customer base, infrastructure and existing web trends. We will often recommend picking off smaller site elements to begin with, building based on stats and analytics to understand their customer behaviour on mobile.

For example, we're working with the Make A Wish Foundation and they have a broad PC site which could be mobilised, but wouldn't necessarily deliver a ROI. Therefore, we've provided them with a user console to create mini mobile campaigns, enabling the design of simple single web pages of new case studies  they send them out to their customer base via SMS to attract new donors.

Some organisations' websites are so huge and so entangled in their business processes, making the move into a new channel like mobile is like eating an elephant –  it's hard for them to work out where to start, let alone where to finish.

How quickly can a client have a mobile site up and running?

We tailor the solution for each client.  Generally a fully transactional site for say buying a product or ordering a takeaway will generally take six to eight weeks, but our service for campaigns and micro sites are configured in a day, once this is done the client can create their own mobile web campaigns in under an hour.

Do you plan to branch out to any new formats?

Our platform is built to handle all devices, past, present and future - we cover all devices as standard ­including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, WinPho etc, plus all tablets too.

We are very excited about connected TVs and the opportunities they will present.  The idea of pushing consumers to an optimised site on a tablet to enable them to dual-screen in a seamless interactive advertising campaign is something that's not far off. It'll be pretty fun to see the results.