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Microsoft officially sets date for Windows Phone 8

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Mike Shaw


Devices / October 5th 2012 at 12:51PM

The Surface tablet will also be… er…. surfacing.

Microsoft has officially sent out invitations for the launches of Windows 8 on Friday, October 25, and Windows Phone 8 on Monday, October 29. 

The Windows 8 event will be held in New York, while the WP8 one is scheduled for San Francisco.

Here at Mobile Entertainment, we've been waiting for Microsoft to seriously join the war for the planet's tablets and smartphones, and now we have a date for when battle will commence.

A Microsoft spokesman says that the Surface tablets will be launched on midnight, October 26th from Microsoft's web site and at Microsoft stores. 

Pricing isn't yet known, so we will presumably find out how much the Surface will cost on October 25th. In the summer a rumour appeared suggesting that the Windows RT version of the Surface will cost just $199, while Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has previously stated that the sweet spot for tablet pricing is $300-$800.

A variety of Windows Phone 8 devices are expected to be announced at launch (though none are manufactured by Microsoft itself), and there will be two versions of the Surface tablet: the Microsoft Surface (RT) is powered by a ARM related NVIDIA Tegra 3+, taking aim at the iPad and higher-end Android slates, while the Microsoft Surface (8 Pro) model is designed to be a mobile version of a Windows 8 PC.

Earlier this week, we got to play with a Windows 8 tablet and were pleasantly surprised.

Are you interested in Windows Phone 8 and the rumours that Microsoft is producing its own WinPho device? Has the Surface and it's low-key marketing grabbed you? Let us know in the box below.