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Marmalade SDK to support Windows Phone 8

Marmalade SDK to support Windows Phone 8
Daniel Gumble


Devices / December 14th 2012 at 10:00AM

Beta version of Marmalade support to bring rapid porting of OpenGL ES 2.0 standards to Windows Phone 8.

Today sees the launch of the Beta version of Marmalade’s support for the Windows 8 Phone, which is designed to enable the fast deployment of games and apps for the hotly anticipated new platform.

Marmalade for Windows Phone 8 will be available for Marmalade Professional and Marmalade Plus license holders in early beta version, allowing developers to begin developing their content for the new platform. Support for Windows RT is set to follow early next year, as was announced at the Microsoft Build conference in October.

The addition of Windows Phone 8 platform support to the Marmalade SDK is designed to enable developers to reach the largest possible audience, whilst also capitalising on a new app store.

“Windows Phone was designed to be the best developer platform by offering familiar tools, fast time-to-market and a wide range of features that devs can use to engage a growing customer base,” said Todd Brix, senior director, Windows Phone Store. “Marmalade support for Windows Phone 8 is a great example of how the Windows Phone ecosystem is stepping up to make it even easier for devs to take advantage of the Windows Phone opportunity by porting or reusing code across platforms.”

Marmalade is the only tool that allows developers to port OpenGL ES 2.0 applications on Windows Phone 8 and provides support for the largest number of mobile platforms compared to any other cross-platform SDK for native apps.

Microsoft recently hinted that the Windows Phone Store has experienced a growth of over 100 per cent in both developer revenue and app downloads since launching the Windows Phone 8.  Market Intelligence Firm IDC has predicted that Windows Phone handset use will grow by over 400 per cent in the next four years.

Harvey Elliott, managing director and COO, Marmalade, commented: “We’ve had an award-winning year here at Marmalade, and we continue to offer the development community the tools that they need to bring their apps and games to an ever widening audience. The arrival of Windows Phone 8 has the potential to disrupt the industry landscape, and there are huge opportunities for developers who take early advantage of this new platform. We look forward to seeing Marmalade developers take their content across and reap those rewards. ”

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