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Amazon to buy WebOS?

Amazon to buy WebOS?
Tim Green


Devices / Kindle / September 30th 2011 at 12:01PM

Could make the platform the basis of a brave new world of Amazon phones and tablets.

Sources have told VentureBeat that Amazon is in “advanced negotiations” to buy WebOS and that HP can't wait to get rid of the OS even though it has pledged to keep it on as a software division (after dumping the hardware part).

If true, what a revelation in the week that Amazon upped the tablet ante with its Kindle Fire colour touchscreen device.

This is, of course, powered by re-tooled version of Android. But the inference is that Google would prefer to bend its own wholly-owned OS to power future devices that could connect ultra-seamlessly with its content and cloud services.

Reports also point out that Jon Rubinstein, the former Palm head, joined the Amazon board in December.

It's all very exciting. But don't forget that everyone from Samsung to Facebook has been suggested as a potential buyer of webOS.