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Windows Phone 8 launch: a tweet-by-tweet account of the action

Data Sense on Windows Phone 8
Zen Terrelonge


Devices / iPhone / October 29th 2012 at 7:30PM

Child protection, personalised instant messaging and more all on the next-gen Microsoft OS.

With Windows 8 fever sweeping the globe, Microsoft has formally unveiled the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system ahead of a European launch that takes place this weekend.

ME has been tweeting live from the London event and you can find our 140 character titbits assembled below.

* Windows Phone 8 is set to to make your device 'like a fingerprint'. Says tiles can be tailored in even more detail than previous version.

* The phone lock screen is powered by Live Apps, offering up different content in the background each time such as photos, notifications etc.

* Lock screen can also throw up images from your Facebook profile and not just your device library.

* There's a new version of Twitter built just for WinPho 8.

* There's a 'beautiful' new version of Skype designed just for Windows Phone 8 and it runs all the time for instant connectivity without draining battery.

* 46 of 'the top 50 mobile apps' are ready for Windows Phone 8 - it isn't just an Android and iOS world anymore.

* Get ready for Pandora for Win Pho 8, it won't bring the same experience of any other OS. Does that mean it won't play music?

* 'Windows Phone8 has got your back' and wants you to make the most out of your data plan.

* 'Data Sense' platform will automatically compress web pages to reduce data consumption.

* It will also tell you how much data your apps are gobbling up and when you're getting close to your limit.

* Data Sense rolling out with operators and Verizon is the first partner to provide the service.

* 'Kids Corner' to protect youngsters and offer a 'worry-free way to play' with the adult controlling what they want the child to have access to.

* Child demonstrators Alexander, 9, Sydney, 5, and Piper, 5, on stage to show the Kids Corner ease of use.

* Jessica Alba, yes, the JESSICA ALBA, is enlisted to promote Kids Corner. She said "I love Kids Corner, it's awesome."

* Jessica Alba: "I don't have to worry about my kid accessing my social media networks, sending emails..."

* Jessica Alba: "Kids Corner stops kids from causing chaos." Presumably she just means on your phone. Sticky-fingered mess in the real world will still be in full swing.

* Jessica Alba was an iPhone user before WinPho switch. Was originally worried about music loss, but transfer is enabled through the specially designed Mac sync app.

* Jessica Alba: "This is the best tech crowd I've ever been in front of." I didn't realise she was a regular at Mobile World Congress events and such.

* 'Rooms' feature offers content sharing of photos and so on between a tailored list of family and friends. Forgot the milk? Send your mrs an image-based reminder. Who needs text? You can also share calendar dates.

* 'Skydrive' is a cloud-based service designed to beam documents across devices for instant access.

* "Windows Phone 8 delivers a phenomenal photo experience."

* Device photos can also be accessed via Skydrive and not just documents.

* Skydrive offers 7GB of free storage – more than any other service. Take that iCloud!

* Windows Phone 8 and Xbox music service unite to beam songs across devices without the needs for wires and so on.

* Windows Phone 8 to have sync apps for Mac, WinPho 7 to transfer music and other content easily.

* 'Pin' your favourite people, apps, photos to your start screen.

* Windows 8 and WinPho 8 seamlessly link in an ecosystem to connect Live Tiles, Skydrive and more across devices.

* Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hails Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Ativ S, HTC 8X 8S. They're all 'remarkable' and so on.

* The WinPho 8 devices will launch in Europe this weekend.

* Samsung Ativ Odyssey will be a Verizon exclusive (device notably not shown).

* 65 Microsoft stores opened recently and will stock ALL Windows Phone 8 phones available in the US.

*Phones4U to stock "all eight" Windows Phone 8 devices in the UK.

Presentation ends.

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