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(VIDEO) App of the Day: Roamer

(VIDEO) App of the Day: Roamer
Phil Tottman


Devices / iPhone / July 8th 2013 at 11:49AM

New app could save travellers 90 per cent on call charges abroad.

Roamer enables people who travel abroad access to use their phones without changing their number or and without worrying about the charges incurred when using mobiles overseas. 

The key features of the new travel app include the use of local networks resulting in lower costs and no broken lines cutting out every second and a local SIM which reduces the cost of local and calls and data usage.  

A forward number must be set up on the device via a local SIM to use its services, while launching the app allows all calls to the mobile's normal number to be forwarded onto the local one. It even suggests stores to purchase SIMs from that are local to your destination. 

Mobile operators earned massive $45 billion from gaming charges in 2012, an amount which is set to increase to $67 billion by 2015 even though the EU plans to vote on a single European telecoms market to reduce roaming costs

Nick Ustinov, founder of Roamer, said: "The idea of Roamer came after i returned from Thailand a few years ago. The charges were just outrageous so i decided to create something that would change this not just for me but for travellers everywhere. 

"Each year we see lots of reports about roaming and the issues around it. For the team here, it's about creating a product that can really make a difference. We believe Roamer is it."

It is refreshing to see a positive step forward in making it easier to keep in touch with home and travelling companions whilst abroad. The need for a phone abroad has been taken advantage of for too long by operators' extortionate roaming chargers. 

Hopefully Roamer is the first of many solutions that utilise advancements in mobile technology to allow travellers their right to stay connected and enjoy their time away, without worrying about the pound-heavy bills on their return home.

Roamer is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play, with versions for BlackBerry and Windows Phones in the making.


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