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Ten ways the iPhone has changed our lives

Ten ways the iPhone has changed our lives
Phil Tottman


Devices / iPhone / September 20th 2013 at 2:12PM

From being constantly connected, to the birth of the selfie, here is a selection of ways that the iPhone has molded our day-to-day way of life.

The iPhone has altered the way we live our lives, and NetVoucherCodes.co.uk has pulled together some of the main ways it has done so.

1. There’s an app for that: The Oxford English Dictionary defines an application as ‘a formal request to an authority’ – nowadays however it means something completely different to us.

Since the introduction of the app back in 2007, around 900,000 have become available on the App Store. With apps for firing angry birds at pigs to professional photography applications, there is literally an app for everything.

2. We are all constantly contactable: If you enjoy a nice bit of alone time but cannot bring yourself to turn off your phone, then your out of luck.

Whether your sitting in the office, or in the middle of nowhere, people can always get hold of us with emails, social media, text or obviously calls. Depending on signal that is.

3. Everyone is a director: We can now take videos of everything. No matter what’s happening or if we’ve left our filming team at home, we can now capture every aspect of life.

Some of the most significant events that have been caught on our phones to date are the London Riots, the chemical attacks in Syria and of course the endless attempts to reenact Miley Cyrus’ twerking on Vine.

4. We are always in contact with each other: With apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, we are always receiving and sending pics or messages.

Now every aspect of our lives is shared, from what we are having for lunch or the first beer of the evening, to exactly where we are on our hols.

5. The birth of the selfie: This phenomenon is something you either love or hate. Mainly hate.

The duck face, the sad face, the look where I am face, selfies now plague our photo albums. Although, no matter how much we roll our eyes you know we have all done it, and we’ll do it again goddammit.

6. Buying music on the go and listening to it straight away: If we hear a tune on the radio that we like, we don’t have to wait to get a spare five minutes to pop down the local record store.

Music is instantly available to buy and listen to immediately, fulfilling our musical desires, but emptying our bank accounts.

7. QR codes: These funny little squares are like doorways to other worlds, or websites to be more specific.

Even though they are dying out, QR codes are still an impressive and useful little tool.

8. Siri: It may not be as useful as it was meant to be, and it does get annoying when Siri keeps apologising for not understanding what you asked, but having a talking phone is simply cool.

9. Debating has become boring: Everyone loves a good old debate or 'pub' argument. These conversations used to go on for hours, however with our phone we can now pop on the internet and settle any disagreement within seconds. Or can you?

Yup, it says here on my phone that you can...

10. All the Internet, all the time: The IDC has revealed that the average smartphone user checks Facebook around 14 times a day, and that's without all the other online activies we find ourselves doing.

News is delivered straight to our mobile, we shop through our mobile, we entertain ourselves with our mobile. The World Wide Web is wholly available to is on our mobile. We are now constantly surfing, whether we like it or not.