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Swell evolves its services with a radio reboot

Swell evolves its services with a radio reboot
Phil Tottman


Devices / iPhone / June 27th 2013 at 11:07AM

Curated and personalised content now available.

A new mobile radio listening experience has been developed by Swell Radio that learns what you like as you listen. Similar to Pandora, its news is streamed based on listener preference and behaviour. 

The reboot is being launched with NPR, American Public Media and ABC News along with content from popular iTunes podcasts such as the BBC. CBC, Comedy Central, TED Talks and ESPN.

Swell's aim is to always deliver what the listener will want to listen to, constantly offering the most relevant and recent content - this will hopefully encourage listeners to become more loyal to Swell Radio as the more they listen the more refined the personalisation becomes.

Zach Brand, VP NPR Digital Media said: "At NPR we think custom listening is a great experience that will be enjoyed and sought by many people.

"We are excited about our partnership with Swell and in finding more ways to extend the public radio conversation."

Social sharing will be a key factor of Swell's new services, enabling listeners to share what they are listening to experiencing with their friends. Other features include unlimited free listening and skips, bookmarking and content history access, WiFi and offline modes plus Bluetooth and Airplay support. 

Swell Radio is available for free on iOS devices and soon to be available on Android. For more information, visit their website.