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Steve Jobs used to smell

Steve Jobs used to smell
Tim Green


Devices / iPhone / October 24th 2011 at 11:07AM

Personal hygiene issues, death, adoption and more discussed in a '60 Minutes' TV special.

This weekend, Steve Jobs' biographer Walter Isaacson was interviewed for a 60 Minutes TV documentary. It was another addition to the endless Jobs talk. So here are the highlights in headlines:


Jobs:  "I realized that I was not — just abandoned. I was chosen. I was special."

Death and the off-switch

Jobs:  "Sometimes I think it's just like an on-off switch. Click and you're gone. And that's why I don't like putting on-off switches on Apple devices."

Being unpleasant

Isaacson: "I'd say: 'Why did you do that? Why weren't you nicer?' And he'd say 'I really want to be with people who demand perfection. And this is who I am'."


Jobs describing his father's attitude to painting a fence: "You got to make the back of the fence that nobody will see just as good looking as the front of the fence. Even though nobody will see it, you will know, and that will show that you're dedicated to making something perfect."


Isaacson said Jobs told him he saw Apple staffers turn into 'bizarro people' by Apple stock riches, and vowed never to let his wealth change him.


A seven-month journey through India introduced him to Zen Buddhism and “really informed his design sense,”


Jobs felt normal rules didn’t apply to him, which is why he never put number plates on his Mercedes sports car.

Personal hygiene

At Atari Jobs was put on the night shift because he walked around barefoot and never bathed.