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Phablet phenomenon: Obviously size does matter!

Phablet phenomenon: Obviously size does matter!
Phil Tottman


Devices / iPhone / June 27th 2013 at 1:25PM

Idealo releases data on the larger than life phablet market.

The definition of a phablet, as stated by, is 'a smartphone, which has a screen measuring between five and seven inches in diameter.' Or a really big phone, which is technically what it is!

According to a survey released by Idealo, there has been a steady increase in the sale of phablets since 2011. The screen size of devices as well as the demand for larger screens has also seen a significant growth over the last few years.

There has been an overall 501 per cent increase in clicks on phablets since May 2012, also with a steady influx of phablets introduced into the smartphone category. This was displayed via the shear number of click-throughs on a phablet device which has risen from 2.74 per cent in 2012 to just over 13 per cent by April 2013.

This has certainly shown a larger consumer interest for larger screen devices, plus a response from manufacturers to bring more of these types of machines onto the market. 

There are six times more phablet models listed on the Idealo site compared to 12 months ago, with average prices decreasing due to the demand. Prices have steadily been lowered from up to around €480 in 2012 to below €400 in 2013. However, the higher end of the market is still proving to be most popular.

This could mean that the previously struggling 'big smartphone' or phablet as it is now commonly known, has established itself in the mobile market. Or is this just a mini-disc style phase that will eventually peter out when consumers lose interest?

If Idealo's findings are anything to go by, it would appear that these larger devices are staying, and not only have they got their heels firmly dug into the ground, but it seems as though they plan on getting bigger. Especially with rumours of Apple jumping on the band wagon with an 5.7 inch screened iPhone possibly on the horizon.


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