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One in five Britons regret buying an iPhone

One in five Britons regret buying an iPhone
Zen Terrelonge


Devices / iPhone / November 18th 2011 at 11:05AM

43 per cent are jealous of other smartphone users.

Is the Apple halo slipping? Although the firm sold 4m units of the iPhone 4S in its opening weekend, there is evidence of some disenchantment with its devices.

Mobile phone comparison site claims 22 per cent of UK iPhone users wish they had chosen a different device.

The report says of those regretting the purchase, 73 per cent were male while 27 per cent were female.

Almost half of iPhone users at 43 per cent say they are jealous of users that own other smartphones, while 25 per cent as unhappy with the phone's battery life, according to the report.

Further results show 13 per cent were unsatisfied with the lack of  buttons, eight per cent had difficulty using emails and five per cent were disappointed with its functionality.

Mark Owen, owner of, says: "Smartphone envy is something that many phone owners experience, but few will admit to, because everybody wants to believe that they own the ‘best’ phone on the market.

"I was really surprised that so many people admitted to regretting their iPhone purchase, because they are regarded by many as the best phones available. Mobile phones are becoming more and more expensive as technology advances, and the majority of newer smartphones are only available on lengthy contracts, which can last for as long as two years.

"My advice would be to research the latest phones, or try and find a way to test out the handset to see if it is the ‘right’ device for your needs, before committing to buying."