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More than 5% of e-commerce site traffic comes from iPhones

Mike Shaw


Devices / iPhone / August 10th 2012 at 4:32PM

Android slightly lower, but figures show users convert better.

According to data from e-commerce technology company Monetate, the biggest e-commerce websites in the US receive more than five per cent of their traffic from iPhones.

The true figure is 5.4 per cent, with Android providing 3.31 per cent.

However, although there are more iPhone users, Droids convert better: 1.26 per cent of Android users convert as compared with one per cent of those on iPhone.

The same is true of tablet users too. More Android tablet users convert than those with an iPad, with 3.58 per cent against 3.19 per cent. 

However, iPad drives far more traffic to these sites, with 88.31 per cent of tablet visits to these e-commerce sites coming from the Apple slate. 

In an interview with TechCrunch, Monetate was asked why they thought Android users were converting better (percentage wise). They weren't sure, but CMO Kurt Heinemann suggested the following: 

“Android devices come in many different configurations whereas the iPhone only comes in one size. A large portion of Android devices that have been released over the last year have had larger screens and provide a better web surfing experience than a smaller iPhone. 

"With a larger screen and the ability to display more website real estate the user has a more comfortable and less frustrating experience which results in higher conversion.”

While there are no clear reasons behind the Apple/Android split, what is clear is mobile is growing at an impressive rate, and Monetate is now advising clients to experiment with alternative payment methods to take advantage of this expanding customer segment.