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iPhones make up 28 per cent of phones stolen every year

iPhones make up 28 per cent of phones stolen every year
Daniel Gumble


Devices / iPhone / November 7th 2012 at 10:58AM

Apple smartphone users are twice as likely to be mugged as other mobile owners.

According to figures recently released by the Metropolitan Police, iPhone users are up to twice as likely to be mugged as other mobile consumers.

Despite accounting for only 14 per cent of yearly mobile phones sales, iPhones make up 28 per cent of phones stolen each year. So, short of hurling your iPhone into a ditch and marching to the nearest high street to exchange cash for an Android device forthwith, how is one to defend against the nation’s Apple-hungry street urchins?

Well, sadly, the answer is, you can’t. All the while you are prepared to venture out with a gleaming Apple device in hand, you will remain nothing more than a beacon of hope to muggers the land over. However, while there is no way of protecting your person or your phone against said undesirables, there are ways to ensure that your data stays protected, and, better still, that you might be able to retrieve your mobile in its physical form.

Many iPhone users will be familiar with the Find My iPhone app, which tracks the device whenever it is switched on. And while the app in and of itself is certainly a useful tool, it is also very easy to disable should a mugger get their hands on a phone that is unlocked at the time, or doesn’t have a password to get into the phone. Therefore, the best way to prevent this from happening is to follow the instructions below, or alternatively, simply refrain from flashing your iPhone about in public. Your call.

1.    Enter Settings, then click General and choose Restrictions

2.    Click Enable Restriction

3.    Look for Deleting Apps and toggle the switch from Off to On. This will then stop anyone from deleting any of your apps, such as Find My iPhone, with out your Restrictions password

4.    Scroll down the options list to the Privacy section and click on the link to Location Services

5.    Select Don’t Allow Changes to stop anyone from disabling the Find My iPhone app from broadcasting your GPS. You will now need to approve all new apps manually to access your location data.

6.    Go back to the main Restrictions menu and select Accounts and change this setting to Don’t Allow Changes. This will make it impossible for a mugger to disconnect your iCloud account that connects to find my iPhone.

7.    If your phone is stolen, it will only transmit its location as long as it has an active SIM card inserted, meaning it may be best to inform the police before contacting your mobile provider.

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