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Earn money from your mobile videos with ifussss

Earn money from your mobile videos with ifussss
Phil Tottman


Devices / iPhone / July 29th 2013 at 4:00PM

Capture the news and send it straight to the newsrooms.

Members of the general public can send breaking news videos straight to the worlds newsrooms via the ifussss platform. 

If videos are used by news sources, the sender will receive a guaranteed payment for their work.

ifussss brings the newsrooms closer to the breaking stories, by collecting footage from all around the world offering more opportunities to release breaking videos as soon as they happen.

Newsrooms can monitor and sift through content on the platform at the ifussss website and download any clip they please for a small price.

Ed Brooks, co-founder of ifussss, said: "Mobile has changed news because it's so ubiquitous. The tree falling down in the forest is now on someone's camera roll. Video has value.

"ifussss is simply a reaction to that. We add more value to users video content by solving workflow issues for newsrooms and we believe in rewarding opportunity, here's the tools, help tell a story and you'll be paid, simple!"

Similarly, earlier this year EE teamed up with the Guardian to unveil a mobile user-generated content platform in the form of GuardianWitness, a platform which allows anybody to submit videos, pictures and text directly to The Guardian for inclusion on the platform.

The main difference is with ifussss is submitters get something back.

Any content uploaded is available within seconds, offering near live footage for the newsrooms to download and be as relevant as possible. 

Information such as where and when it was filmed with geotagging is ready available, along with contact details of the person taking the video.

All footage will be stored on the ifussss platform and not on the device keeping it safe and secure from prying eyes. 

Now anyone can become a reporter and get the most important and recent news to the world immediately. 

ifussss is available to download free for iOS and Android from 9th September.


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