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App Of The Day: Tips & Tricks - iPhone/iPad Secrets

App Of The Day: Tips & Tricks - iPhone/iPad Secrets
Zen Terrelonge


Devices / iPhone / January 24th 2013 at 4:47PM

A digital master class designed to train you into an iOS god.

Just yesterday, it was revealed 56 per cent of women find tech-savvy men sexy, though they like to see actions speak louder than words.

This, of course, suggests:
A. Women are hugely technical and would like men to keep up

B. Women would like men to take the lead

Well, regardless of gender, ME has chosen Tips & Tricks as today's App Of The Day, just in case you've ever had to fib about your mobile engineering prowess.

Available as two apps, one for iPhone and one for iPad, Tip & Tricks is designed to act as an iOS book of spells, plying users with knowledge on how to navigate their Apple gadgets with shortcuts and secret passages that they may not know about.

Apple sold 47.8m iPhones and 22.8m iPads in Q4, and Tips & Tricks aims to teach newbies and experts alike how they can use their device to its full potential.

Mark Errett, head researcher and writer of Tips & Tricks, said: "The app skips the obvious and distills information that most iPhone and iPad owners don't know about into an easy-to-read app. I truly believe that everyone with an iPhone or iPad should read our guide.”

Download Tips & Tricks - iPhone Secrets for 69p, and Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets, also for 69p.

Check out the top five tips below:

1.     How do I delete single text messages? Go to the text message and tap edit in the top right corner. Tick the box next to the text message that you would like to delete, then tap delete at the bottom.

2.     How to enable emoticons and smileys? Open Settings, General, and then Keyboards. Choose Keyboards and then Add New Keyboard. Find and tap Emoji to add it to your keyboards.

3.     How to close multitasking apps? To check for open apps, access the multitasking bar by double pressing the Home button. Close the apps by tapping and holding the icons, then tap the minus icon.

4.     How to restart your device properly (which solves 95% of problems)? Press hold and the Home button and Sleep/Wake button together for ten seconds.

5.     How to take a screenshot? Just press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. The iPad screen flashes white and plays a camera shutter sound.