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App Of The Day: Cupid's Carnage

App Of The Day: Cupid's Carnage
Zen Terrelonge


Devices / iPhone / February 14th 2013 at 1:30PM

Destroy your ex-partner without risk of going to prison.

Just in case the copious amount of red and pink products covering store shelves wasn't enough of a hint, it's Valentine's Day. But don't worry if February 14th puts the fear of God into you, today's App Of The Day is themed for the heartbroken.

Nuke Town Records has released Cupid's Carnage, which allows players to personalise the in-game characters by choosing photos from their device or Facebook gallery.

It means you can add your face to become the protagonist and pelt an ex-partner with arrows, thus securing the revenge that the real world would see you locked up for. Alternatively, players can attack their enemies, which may see Mark Zuckerberg trying to execute Jack Dorsey.

Players will unlock new weapons as they progress, finding fire arrows, ice arrows, and more. Nuke Town has chosen pop star Guinevere as the app's poster child, with various remixes of her Fly Away single also unlockable.

Guinevere, said: "It is meant to be in good fun, and an entertaining way to relieve your anger towards those who have hurt you in the past, without ever causing any real harm."

Cupid's Carnage is $0.99 across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.