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App of the day: Boppl

App of the day: Boppl
Phil Tottman


Devices / iPhone / August 1st 2013 at 12:07PM

Use your mobile to skip the queue when ordering food and drink.

It has always been a pain to queue up at the bar waiting for a drink, or watching a waiter constantly wander past your table without even a 'I'll be with you in a second!' 

Well these first world problems are soon to be in the past as Boppl is introduced onto iOS ready to be used currently at the Ember Bar in London. The app lets users pre-order drinks or food in advance, so upon arrival their order can be picked straight up, cutting out any waiting time. 

Similar to reviews and recommendations site Yelp, who have recently introduced its 'Yelp Platform' onto its service enabling users to order and pay from selected retailers.

The new Boppl catering feature also benefits business owners who have the opportunity to increase revenue by making customer experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

Participating venues will be given a tablet from Boppl for receiving and processing orders, and will soon be able to log into a web interface to take orders from their own phones and tablets. 

Shashi Fernando, CEO of Boppl, said: "Boppl is the app that bar and cafe owners - and their customers - have been waiting for. For the owners it offers the chance to make more drinks, make more meals and make more money."

The app gives outlets a chance to prepare pre orders during down time, saving time and man power, as well as enabling them to serve more paying customers during rushes. 

It will be initially rolled-out around London partnering with Babel, Ember and the Warrington - however is also working with chains such as Radisson, Drake and Morgan and ePOS providers hoping to expand its reach.

Boppl is available free for iOS and will be released on Android in September.


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