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81 per cent of UK App Store users don't look beyond the top 50 apps

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Zen Terrelonge


Devices / iPhone / January 23rd 2013 at 2:30PM

Despite 52.2m visits being made each week.

More than 435,000 apps are set to hit the App Store in 2013, but will anyone notice them? Based on new research from mobile marketing firm Surikate and GfK, probably not. The report says that 52.2 million visits are made to the App Store every week, yet 81 per cent of UK visitors fail to browse past the 50 first apps.

Despite being mobile, 86 per cent of users search for new apps while at home, with just 23 per cent browsing on the move, though 22 per cent also browse at work. Meanwhile, 11 per cent of iPhone users search for apps while perched on the loo.

In terms of app discovery, 82 per cent of iPhone users usually browse the top 25 on the App Store. Beyond that, two-thirds of users have found apps via recommendations from friends and family, showing the genuine importance of producing a word-of-mouth-worthy title.

Apps must have a strong presence to secure loyalty among users, with 85 per cent of App Store visitors desiring strong reviews, images, and a reasonable price before they're persuaded to download.

Jules Minvielle, Surikate’s founder and CEO, said: "Our research shows that getting an app ranked among the Top 25 or higher in the App Store Charts is crucial, as just over half of iPhone users (57 per cent) will not browse beyond the first 25 applications."

Key stats:

* 6: is the average number of times a user accesses the App Store every week
* 6 to 9 pm: is the peak time for visitors on the App Store
* Top 25: is the place to be if you want your app to be discovered
* 75% of iPhone users claim they download apps they did not previously know about having discovered them in the Top 25 / Top Charts
* 11.5 minutes: average length of a user’s visit
* 30 or less: the number of apps an average user has on their phone (excluding those pre-installed on their iPhone)