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Top ten stories of the week

Top ten stories of the week
Daniel Gumble


Devices / Blackberry / February 1st 2013 at 11:48AM

Check out the hottest stories on Mobile Entertainment from January 25th-31st.

It’s that time of week again, so get ready for Mobile Entertainment’s weekly rundown of the ten biggest stories to hit the headlines over the past seven days.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the launch of BlackBerry 10 has dominated the headlines this week, with the firm unveiling not just a new operating system, but two new handsets and a new global creative director in the form of pop star Alicia Keys.

Elsewhere, coffee giant Starbucks hit the news this week after stating that it is going to expand its m-commerce offerings, while the announcement of BuzzCity’s new London office also made our top ten.

See below for the full rundown.

1. BB10 BlackBerry World to come loaded with films, music, and TV shows

Following a string of setbacks, there's now just two more sleeps until RIM reveals its new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

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2. Re-imagining reality: Augmented reality for developers

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the hottest current trends in the developer community, and it is set to explode into the mainstream in 2013. While it has been gathering momentum over the past few years, I reckon that this year, AR will become a part of everyday life for the average mobile user.

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3. BlackBerry 10 arrives with two new handsets in tow

RIM (Research in Motion) has today made its long awaited comeback with the launch of its new BlackBerry 10 operating system, whilst also unveiling the first two BlackBerry 10 handsets – the Z10 and Q10.

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4. 77 per cent of Brits plan to give BlackBerry 10 the cold shoulder

RIM was crowned as the UK's number one smartphone OEM this time last year, with more than 8.5m BlackBerry users in the region powering it to a 27.7 per cent market share.

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5. Square COO resigns after in-house sexual harassment scandal

Square is doing big things for the mobile payments space, but the card-reading firm has been hit with controversy as chief operating officer Keith Rabois quit following accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace, he posts in a blog.

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6. Starbucks to expand m-commerce offerings

Coffee corporation Starbucks has hinted that it is planning to increase its m-commerce services this year, with the potential for mobile tipping and a host of personalisation tools to be introduced throughout 2013.

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7. Nokia to launch Music app subscription service

Nokia has revealed that it is to launch a subscription service upgrade to its free music streaming service at some point during the year’s first quarter.

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8. Tim Green: "Who still loves BlackBerry?"

It always amazes me when I get a response to one of these outbursts of self-indulgence that masquerade as industry analysis. Who's reading this shit?

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9. Alicia Keys named BlackBerry global creative director

Yesterday’s BlackBerry 10 launch saw international pop star Alicia Keys announced as the firm’s new global creative director.

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10. BuzzCity opens London office

Having experienced 67 per cent year-on-year growth, BuzzCity has today (January 30th) opened its new London office.

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