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The Predicktor: An app for predicting penis sizes (VIDEO)

The Predicktor: An app for predicting penis sizes (VIDEO)
Daniel Gumble


Devices / Blackberry / February 7th 2013 at 5:21PM

New app designed to calculate penis size based on physical attributes. A cockulator, if you will.

A new app has been developed by a family physician from Toronto that is aimed at measuring the size of the user’s penis.

Donning the immortal moniker The Predicktor, the app predicts penis sizes by using "only physical attributes proven by scientific research to be associated with penis length and discards all others, like race."

These attributes include height and finger length, both of which have been associated with penis length by studies in the European Urology Journal and the Asian Journal of Andrology.

Dr. Christopher Culligan, the man behind the Predicktor, said: "The Predicktor is an entertaining antidote to the widespread insecurity, anxiety and dissatisfaction among men over their penis size.”

However, the Predicktor's powers extend far beyond that of simply providing dong data for a round of anatomical top trumps.

It also busts myths regarding the effects that shoe size or race can have on a man’s love length, whilst also allaying any fears they may have about not being able to compete with porn stars in the trouser snake department.

Furthermore, the Predicktor provides a wealth of information for women, including details about female orgasm and a raft of facts and figures surrounding their sexual practices and preferences.

The Predicktor is currently available on Android devices for $2.99, while a BlackBerry version will go on sale next week.

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