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Survey: Apple will own the smartphone market within five years

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Mike Shaw


Devices / Blackberry / October 10th 2012 at 1:38PM

UK CIOs have their say about how the business smartphone landscape will look in 2017.

In a survey conducted by Virgin Media Business, more than a third of CIOs in the UK believe that Apple will eventually gain the upper hand over Samsung in the battle over being the preferred business device.

The 37 per cent who backed Apple were closely followed by 30 per cent who think Samsung Galaxy phones will be the top dogs.

However, ten per cent think that RIM's fortunes will reverse and that the BlackBerry manufacturer will be the dominant player by 2017.

Even more surprising is the fact that two per cent of respondents think that the rumoured (and oft-denied) Facebook smartphone be running the show in five years.

In fact, the non-existent Facebook phone got more support than Sony, who just one per cent of people thought will be the main supplier of smartphones for business come 2017. 

Tony Grace, chief operating officer of Virgin Media Business, said: “There’s a huge amount of choice out there for CIOs looking to purchase smartphones, even more so now the iPhone has launched.  It can be difficult to work out which model works best with your workforce. What’s clear is that Apple and Samsung are way ahead of the others at the moment. 

“Driving the popularity of these devices is superfast connectivity that’s allowing staff to realise the options available to them with these items of kit.

"Although our survey shows CIOs are firmly backing two manufacturers now, there’s no guarantee that’ll always be the case. A new model might come along and change everything."