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RIM hits back over 'inaccurate' comScore UK smartphone stats

RIM hits back over 'inaccurate' comScore UK smartphone stats
Stuart Dredge


Devices / Blackberry / July 25th 2011 at 2:54PM

Claims it has nearly 7m BlackBerry subscribers in the UK, rather than 3.6m.

Research In Motion has criticised comScore for releasing figures on the UK smartphone market which it describes as 'inaccurate by a wide margin'.

The problem? comScore says RIM has 3.59 million BlackBerry users in the UK, putting it behind iPhone, Android and Symbian. RIM disagrees, saying it has just under seven million BlackBerry subscribers in the UK.

RIM issued a media statement with its correction of the figures. So why is there such a wide gap? comScore's stats come from its MobiLens survey, which measures 'how many people have used a smartphone as their primary handset'. It also only focuses on people older than 13 years old.

That's two possible reasons for a disparity between RIM's figures and comScore's: pre-teen BlackBerry users not getting counted, and the possibility that some BlackBerry smartphones are being used as secondary handsets (for example, business users who tell comScore their main phone is something else).

With RIM facing a swathe of negative stories about its market share in recent months, it's no surprise the company is looking to correct stories it believes are incorrect.

Outside BlackBerry, comScore's latest figures claim that Android saw its UK users grow by 634% between May 2010 and May 2011, leaving it with a 26.7% market share, only just behind iPhone's 27.1%, but ahead of Symbian's 22.5%. However, if RIM's figures are correct, it would have a bigger market share than all of them.