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ME Exclusive: My night of horror at the BBM party

ME Exclusive: My night of horror at the BBM party
Zen Terrelonge


Devices / Blackberry / April 4th 2012 at 11:55AM

How I saw an industry launch turn into a crime scene investigation.

Last night was an exciting one for me. I was off to the BlackBerry BBM Party at Bankside Vaults to promote RIM's flagship instant messaging service.

We were promised performances by singers Jessie J and Wretch 32 – it was all very glamorous. Just the kind of perk that makes you pleased you became a journalist.

I arrived full of expectation just before 8pm.

And I was still there at 2am, surrounded by weeping partygoers, an army of police and blood-spattered decor.

As most readers will know, a man was stabbed at the gig and remains in a serious condition.

I saw the attack happen from a distance, as one man approached another before stabbing him in the neck with what I assume was a broken bottle, which led to a huge amount of blood seeping from his neck, spilling across the floor and the bar.

It took a few moments before people realised what was going on, which is when bouncers rushed over through the crowd.

Guests were a mixture of press, competition winners, celebs and plus ones, and perhaps the convoluted combination is the reason the assault was able to happen, with organisers unable to track just exactly who was really in the venue.

Naturally, all of the bar staff who were up close and personal to the assault were shaken by the horrific events, and it was clear that some had been crying.

It didn't take long for police and paramedics to arrive at the scene, while the bar area was taped off and guests were kettled in until 2am and beyond.

About ten police officers were around the immediate area, while others stood by exits and outside the building to prevent any attempts of escape. Even when I finally left, there was still around five police cars and two ambulances outside.

During my temporary imprisonment, I approached one officer to gain some insight and he said: "All I know is a guy got bottled in the neck and I got flagged in. I can't offer anything else apart from that."

Meanwhile, a doorman, said: "The suspect was apprehended by our team immediately, but the victim was stabbed in the jugular and is in a critical condition."

Prior to the assault, both Jessie and Wretch provided electric performances, while Jessie plugged BBM non stop by asking revelers how many contacts they have and announcing Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am is her most famous contact.

This sinister turn is the last thing RIM would have expected to happen and it's certainly not going to help the firm's floundering sales.

It's the second time the firm has been caught up in a crime investigation, following the London riots last year, when BlackBerry owners used BBM to organise attacks.

VIPs at the event included Mark Wright, Jess Wright, Joey Essex, Leo the Lion and Fazer from N-Dubz.

See crime scene photos below. Party images to follow.