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App Of The Day: Call2

App Of The Day: Call2
Zen Terrelonge


Devices / Blackberry / December 16th 2011 at 3:28PM

Built to help you save up to £102 on your phone bill. Good news for prank callers.

The Call2 app has been out in beta  for almost a year, and has bagged 50,000 downloads during that time.

The app is based on traditional telco lines rather than VoIP and uses a unique algorithm to route the call over the best quality lines for the lowest cost.

Users can choose to have the call sent to their landline or mobile phone, enabling them to keep using their mobiles for calls.

Now with user interface and other trials completed, it has received an official launch and can save users up to 95 per cent on call costs, totalling up to £102 per year.

Call2’s iPhone version is available with iPod Touch and iPad, while a BlackBerry version is also available and an Android version is on its way.

Additionally, users can make calls from their Outlook and their Desktop and Call2 is free across all platforms.

For more info on iOS, click here.

for more info, on BlackBerry, click here.