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The new Google Nexus 5 to feature Android KitKat

The new Google Nexus 5 to feature Android KitKat
Phil Tottman


Devices / Android / November 1st 2013 at 5:27PM

The software will also be able to run on inexpensive, low-end smartphones.

Android KitKat 4.4 launches on the new Google Nexus 5 smartphone. Although the software will be introduced on the high-end device for now, it will also be available for emerging markets, who often get lumbered with older versions.

Android software runs on 80 per cent of the world’s smartphones, yet a large proportion are not compatible with new features, and developers are still having to build apps for old versions, as well as the updated platforms.

Google hopes that KitKat will make the Android software more attractive to third party app developers, due to it being available across the board.

They have previously expressed their annoyance at the fragmented state of Android devices, so the arrival of KitKat 4.4 will be a welcomed site, uniting all gadgets and making it easier for developers to reach a wider audience.

Sundar Pichai, Google senior VP of Android, said: “Now you can have one version of the operating system which will run across all versions of Android smartphones.”


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