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M&C Saatchi Mobile follows through with Red Nose Day farting app

M&C Saatchi Mobile follows through with Red Nose Day farting app
Daniel Gumble


Devices / Android / March 15th 2013 at 3:49PM

Britain’s Biggest Fart for Comic Relief fundraising app hits top spot in UK App Store.

Farting. It’s hilarious, right? What could more unifying amongst 18-35 year-old men than the shared mirth that follows the build up and eventual expulsion of methane gas through the rectal canal and out of the anal passage?

Well, many things, obviously, but not in the eyes of those behind the Britain’s Biggest Fart for Comic Relief mobile app, who have set out to engage with men of this age group in a bid raise funds and drive donations.

Created by M&C Saatchi Mobile, the agency has partnered with leading mobile advertising networks and publishers to push the Britain’s Biggest Fart for Comic Relief mobile fundraising app to the top of the Entertainment Category on the UK App Store.

The campaign utilises expandable rich media banners to send participants to a landing page where they have to answer a series of questions, which determine what kind of farter they are. Participants are then prompted to download the free app, made by TheGivingLab, and their friends are encouraged via Facebook notifications to donate to Comic Relief using an SMS short code unique to each app. Each donation results in an audio fart being sent to the app user. These farts can then be compared and tallied across all users of the Britain’s Biggest Fart for Comic Relief app.

M&C Saatchi Mobile agreed to donate their time and resources for free to Red Nose Day, developing both the mobile creative and mobile media plan to target UK males. In order to drive app downloads, mobile publishers have donated over £55,000 worth of standard and rich media mobile inventory and advertising networks, including Mojiva, Greystripe, Surikate, Inmobi, AppGratis, Haymarket, The Guardian and IPC Media.

However, while the app’s gender politics are about as on the pulse as an app that tells women what kind of dish washer they are, it has been hugely popular in the UK App Store, having garnered over 75,000 downloads thus far and increasing awareness of Comic Relief’s work.

“M&C Saatchi Mobile is very proud to support Red Nose Day and to have been a part of the success in getting the app to the number one spot.” said James Hilton, Global CEO of M&C Saatchi Mobile. “It is through the generosity and hard work of the advertising networks that have kindly donated inventory that we have collectively been able to drive the app to the top of the charts in the UK which was our intent.” 

"TheGivingLab exists to bring great new ideas, innovative charities and smart partners to create and test new ideas that benefit UK charities,” said Dominic Vallely, CEO, TheGivingLab. “M&C Saatchi Mobile with their creative smarts, immersion in mobile and bloody good fun and passionate delivery team are the most awesome partners you could wish for."

The mobile media campaign began on February 16th and will run beyond Red Nose Day itself.

Those with a penchant for natural gases can download the free app here:

On Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.comicRelief.biggestFart

On iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/britains-biggest-fart-for/id598655400?mt=8

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