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EA takes Tetris free and ad-supported for Android

EA takes Tetris free and ad-supported for Android
Stuart Dredge


Devices / Android / August 30th 2011 at 12:37PM

Hoping that classic puzzler will continue to be a mobile money-spinner - but from advertisers rather than paid downloads

In the Java days of the mobile games industry, Tetris was a licence to print money, as tens of millions of feature phone owners parted with £5 or $5 to get their fix of falling blocks.

The game's dominant position has been usurped by Angry Birds in the apps era, but EA has a strategy to breathe new life into the franchise: make it free.

Yes, Tetris has been launched in a free and ad-supported version for Android - EA's second title to get this treatment following Scrabble Free.

"The Tetris brand is more relevant today than ever and we are thrilled to bring the game to yet another platform," says Henk Rogers, who owns the Tetris brand and licenses it to EA. "Now, with the free version for Android users, fans can fall in love with the Tetris game all over again."

Depending on your views, EA's decision to take Tetris free can be seen as a strong show of support for the ad-funded model on Android - or a marked lack of belief in the ability to sell paid games to Android users. Or, as is likely the case, a bit of both.