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Asustek to build Nexus 'phablet'?

Asustek to build Nexus 'phablet'?
Tim Green


Devices / Android / March 9th 2012 at 3:52PM

Reports suggest Google has chosen OEM to build seven inch device.

In the past Google has handpicked partner device makers to build flagship Nexus devices that show the best of Android.

HTC built the first Nexus, Samsung the next two, while Motorola did a tablet called Xoom.

Now Digitimes is reporting that Taiwan's Asustek will get next dibs, and that the device in question is one of those hybrids of phone and tablet that some are calling a 'phablet'.

The move may well be designed to counter some of the hype around similar machines from Samsung, LG, HTC and, of course, Amazon.

It could ship as early as May at $199-249 and would pre-load the recently revamped app store now known as Google Play.

If true, the move would do wonders for the credibility of Asustek in the phone/tablet space. Ironically, Asus was the poster boy for the original netbook book, a market whick has suffered from competition from tablets.