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App of the Day: Lookout Mobile Security

App of the Day: Lookout Mobile Security
Daniel Gumble


Devices / Android / January 23rd 2013 at 12:20PM

Android app aimed at stopping others from looking at your mobile without your permission.

Lookout is a mobile security app with a host of features, ranging from a phone locator tool, through to backing up contacts and pictures, and scanning for malware. Available on Android, it is designed to give users peace of mind when using their smartphones, and help to maximise the chance of them getting it back should they ever lose it or have it stolen.

The app is aimed at alerting smartphone users to the dangers of intruders and increasing mobile security. It is also supported by the Mobile Threat Network, protecting users from viruses that can slow down your phone or make unauthorised charges to your wireless bill with over-the-air, real-time updates.

Today (January 23rd) sees the addition of two new features – Look Cam and Lock Screen.

Look Cam, which is available on the free version of the app, lets the user know when someone is trying to look at or use their device without their permission. It silently takes a picture with the front-facing camera if the password on you smartphone is entered incorrectly three times, before sending the image to your email address, along with the location of your phone on Google Maps.

Meanwhile, Lock Screen, which is available on the premium version, allows you to remotely lock your phone if it is lost. You can also tailor the lock screen with a message for whoever finds it.

While the app is free to download, users can upgrade to a premium service at a rate of $2.99 per month in order to gain enhanced mobile security.

Lookout can be downloaded at

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