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adeven brings Facebook's mobile measurement skills to app advertisers

adeven brings Facebook's mobile measurement skills to app advertisers
Daniel Gumble


Devices / Android / February 19th 2013 at 3:43PM

Key advertising sources can be measured and compared with one open source SDK.

Mobile advertising firm adeven has incorporated Facebook’s mobile measurement capabilities in order to equip app advertisers with the ability to measure all mobile marketing channels.

Today’s (February 19th) announcement means that adeven’s clients will now be able to measure the actions that mobile app install ads push through Facebook.

The company has been working with Facebook to integrate its analyser with the social network’s mobile app install ads, providing developers and marketers with a complete performance analysis, which stretches beyond just app installs.

Now, app marketers can install adeven’s open source SDK into their apps to measure Facebook mobile app install ad campaigns. This provides them with analytics for Facebook campaigns on iOS and Android devices.
Furthermore, the same SDK will deliver full conversion measurement and post-install analytics for ads to adeven’s clients.

The firm’s conversion measurement is designed to match any URL-based advertising source, such as in-app adverts, Adwords, enewsletters, or QR codes to app installs in the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store environment. Facebook mobile app install ads have also been added.

CEO and co-founder of adeven, Christian Henschel, explained: “Integration with Facebook’s mobile measurement technology gives our clients the convenience of knowing their source and install analytics will cover their Facbook mobile app install Ads. Our solution is ePrivacy certified, meeting German and EU privacy laws.”

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